Scuba Diving

So here´s my scuba story so far. When I was 12 I got a scuba lessons through PADI for christmas so my dad and I could have something to do together as the years went on. My first open water certification was in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. I had so much fun interacting with other divers and deckhands and seeing ll the unique ocean life! My dad and I have only dove in La Jolla, California and San Carlos, Mexico. Then I went to SeaCamp San Diego and dove for the first time without my dad and with my best friends instead. We went to the Channel Islands, San Clemente (Black Caverns and Little Flower) and it was GORGEOUS. We say sting rays, Giant Black Sea Bass, gobys, rockfish, scorpionfish, crabs, sea lions, and when wee went on our night snorkel we even saw squid, terapods, sea lions, tunicates, and bioluminescent plankton. I am about to get Nitrox certified and become an advanced diver. Oh! So we know the marine technician at the scripps institute and aquarium. Named Phil, we caught zebra goby’s for my research project AND to go on display at the aquarium! Scuba diving is awesome and I’d much rather be underwater than on land.



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