Fascinating Ocean Facts

Here are some fascinating facts you may not have known about my oceanic friends! If you know all of these, you are a destined to be a mermaid^~^

– Dolphins only sleep with half of their brain and one eye open, to come up for air and be on watch.
– Sea otters hold hands in their sleep to avoid drifting away from each other.
– Manta Rays can have a wingspan of over 30ft.
– The top predator of the ocean, is in fact, the Killer Whale (orca), not the Great White Shark.
– U.S. research from the 1980s estimated a 66-pound meal of mammal blubber could sustain a one-ton Great White shark for more than six weeks. That gave way to assumptions that large sharks could survive long periods without eating. However, a University of Tasmania-led study published this week in Scientific Reports on the nature.com website found that 30 kilos was only enough for 12-15 days. (News.discover.com)
– 170, 243, 000 dolphins live on the earth, 33 different species.
– You can tell the age of a fish by looking at the number of rings on its scales, like a tree stump.
– A sea turtle’s gender is determined by the temperature of the nest.

Have anymore fun ocean facts? Let me know!
P.S.- Here’s some belugas



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