A Few Tips On Survival In The Pacific Ocean from The Mermaid

Here are a few tips from Mermaid to Mermaid;
1. Do not try to befriend sharks, they are best to be left alone as they don’t have the mental capacity to know you’re not a threat apparently. If you’re being attacked, and I know this isn’t ‘humane’, but when you’re in danger, punch for their eyes/nose (sensitive spots).
2. When lost underwater, wait a near the surface to tell which way the sun is setting/ rising to know your directions.
3. Do not hang around male dolphins during breeding season. They play this game where they hit each other for dominance. I guess they see me as a threat.
4. Stay out of shark territory dusk and dawn as it is when they are most active, and they hunt more.
5. If you see a stranded animal/ an animal injured, call for help, I know you want to help, but most of the time you could end up accidentally hurting the animal more!


One thought on “A Few Tips On Survival In The Pacific Ocean from The Mermaid

  1. I think this is most practical and helpful of you, Mermaid – speaking as an Aussie who’s never been deeper that shoulders, it seems to me that most people need all the pointers (not white!) that they can get. They tell me we have much terrific diving around our coastline: mebbe you’ll try it one day.

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