I am finally writing a book. Here’s the first chapter.

Ang Iba
I remember it all. Finding my family, dead. Finding my friends, dead. Finding people, animals, plants, dead. I was certain the Sun had died too. It was so cloudy and dark, I thought it was night time? I love clouds too, but now like this. I looked around, and searched for a survivor. I looked for hours, staying close to where I had placed a flag pole near my family and friends. I couldn’t even recognize where I was, everything was in ruins, crumbling, into mounds of gray and black rubble. Once I realized I was alone, I ran. I ran as fast as I could with all my rage, sadness and fear. I didn’t care where I was going because it didn’t seem like I could go anywhere. I eventually heard waves and my feet hit the sand. What I saw was countless bodies and boulders and bits of ashpalt and cars from where the cliff that once was above me had fallen. My favorite hangout spot was up on that cliff. Wavehouse. Me and my friend… I couldn’t remember her name. Wait. I couldn’t remember my name. I tried to remember what the names of the people I knew were. I couldn’t remember. A horrible rage rushed over me and i started grabbing pieces of rubble and throwing it as hard as I could, grabbing whatever I could. I shut my eyes tight as I turned into a ball of fury throwing things everywhere. When I had had my fill, I opened my eyes, and realized that that white PT Cruiser had been to the right of me. Now it was 500 feet away from me. I looked at the two-door Honda Civic next to me, and grabbed the fender. As I lightly pulled up, the two front two tires were lifting up out of the sand. I yanked the fender up and let go as the car flew 25 feet in the air and landed in the sand 50 feet away from me creating a good sized crater. I looked at my hands. What was even happening? In the midst of the confusion, I started to hear something. It was a very faint whisper, almost. Then I realized it was someone yelling, from about where I found my family. I bolted towards the yell, faster than I had ever run before. I felt, different. Like a new and improved me. As I approached the flag pole, I saw my friend! I couldn’t remember her name, but I remembered her! Running faster than I had ever imagined, I leaped at her. I was so happy to see her alive and well. She didn’t look as thrilled as I did. A look of sheer terror crossed her face as she broke into a fighting stance. As I was about to land on her, she moved out from under me and quickly punched me in the side, knocking the wind out of me. I fell to the ground with a ‘thud’, and she began to approach me. She was about to deliver another powerful blow, I yelled out,”Stop! Why are you doing this to me?! Please stop! Don’t you remember me?!”
“I remember you alright, but no one survived this but me.” She replied.
“I survived! I really did! Please… believe me…”
She paused, and moved her hand towards me. With the wind still knocked out of me, I flinched. She was offering her open hand to help me up. Once up, she looked me and the eyes. She studied me for a while, then began to grin. She opened her arms and hugged me tight for a couple minutes.
“I thought everyone was dead…” She whispered,”I thought I was alone.”

My friend and I (still couldn’t remember her name, and I don’t think she remembered mine) started looking and found both of our families close together. They were sprawled out on the floor. A look on all of their faces that made me want to pass out. I looked at my mom. I saw my sister. I saw my dad. My mother was clutching my sister tightly in her arms, with my sisters face towards my mom. My dad was holding both of them. Their distant screams were tattooed into my memories. They were so helpless. My parents, my superheroes of my life, were helpless. They were trapped and their was nothing I could do to save them. my sister, my five year old sister, must have been so scared. Her crying out for me, her cries for help, still ringing in my head. I wanted to throw up. I gathered my family into my arms and buried my face in between them. Tears were pouring off of my cheeks, onto the sleeves of my dad’s shirt. I cried harder than I had cried ever before. I wished and wished for them to come back. I held them so tight, and started to remember their voices. It seemed I was making up a conversation between my family and I in my head.
“Hi Mom, Dad, Sis..”I thought.
“Hello, are you alright?”My mom replied.
“I am alright, I need you guys. I need you to come back. I would do anything to get you to come back..”
I felt something start to come up and out of my shirt. It was glowing. I started to believe I was dead too. I grabbed the little glass bottle on my necklace that was glowing blue, ad it brought my hand close to my family. It started to spark, like lighting. It wasn’t hurting me, though. Almost immediately as the sparks were emitted, they went straight into my mouth, eyes, ears, and nose. I felt warm inside, and realized the blue electricity was in my bloodstream as I started to feel it and see it being pulled towards my heart. I could tell when it had reached my heart, due to my seizing. I couldn’t see anything, but random blue lines flickering. My friend ran over and shook me hard, and I started to see her face again. When I came to consciousness, I realized I was still holding my family. But, my family was warm. I backed up and questioned whether or not I was hallucinating. In the middle of what seemed like the aftermath of a war, my family started to cough. Their eyes popped open and they all jumped up, with eyes like fire. I couldn’t believe it. I ran towards them and hugged them all.
“Mom! Dad! Sis! I can’t believe it! You have no idea how happy I am to see you!” I squeezed them so hard, and never wanted to let them go.
“I.. can’t.. breathe..” My sister said, gasping for air.
“We were so afraid you were gone too! Once we realized it was over, we wished that you would make it out sa- what’s in your eyes?” My mom said to me. “You have blue specks in your once-brown eyes.”
“I saw the whole thing, she was hugging you guys and crying when all of a sudden this blue lightning stuff absorbed into her, causing her to seize, then you guys sputtered back to life.” My friend explained. Then it clicked. The blue-whatever-it’s-called was now part of me, and something about it had brought my family back to life.
“Hang on.” I walked over to where my friend’s family was laying, and held her mom, dad, and brother and concentrated, and started having a mental conversation with them for a few seconds. In no time, they started coughing and sitting up. My friend bolted over to her family at a speed I have never seen before.
“Mom! Dad!” She shouted. They held each other for a long while, and in that moment, being together, everything seemed like it would turn out alright. Little did we know what journey our destinies would be leading us on.


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