More Of Your Ocean Survival Tips, From The Mermaid

1. While underwater, the weird thing is… Most sharks hate being near you, especially soup fin sharks! Oh man they bolt as soon as they catch any sort of hint you’re near them! There are a couple that won’t move for you to pass through though. Best thing I’ve learned is, for the bigger sharks, get with your buddies and link arms, go to the sea floor (if possible) and stand your ground. This works on most every kind of shark and they really want nothing to do with you unless you have bait!

2. When catching fish underwater, use clove oil! Put some clove oil into a ketchup bottle and squirt it into any crevices or places fish are located! The clove oil, when ‘breathed’ in by the fish will basically make them drunk, unable to move very much! I learned that this is true when I started grabbing drunk fish, I grabbed hold of several juvenile scorpion fish(unknowingly at the time). They did not sting me once! One sting from one of those little suckers would have had me at the ER and ruined my day at the ocean!
3. Male Sheepshead are extremely territorial. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one before, but they are big, mean, ugly fish with gnarly huge sharp teeth. A word of advice, don’t provoke them!

4. I don’t know what’s better after an hour underwater, Coca-Cola or chips and salsa!

5. Most people have heard of all the crazy dangerous ocean life in exotic places like Australia, the Phillipines, Fiji, Maldives, etc. But don’t forget, there can be dangerous and fragile things in your local oceans too! There is this sea snail located in the eastern Pacific Ocean that has a venomous sting! Please be respectful of all ocean life, no matter what it appears to be.

6. Diving at night. That’s where it’s at.

If you have any questions or concerns or comments about our oceans, please feel free to ask! I love sharing and exchanging knowledge with a passion!



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